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  1. 1.Shake The Frost

  2. 2.Deadman’s Curve

  3. 3.Charleston Girl

  4. 4.Whitehouse Road

  5. 5.Rock Salt and Nails

  6. 6.Coming Down

  7. 7.Follow You to Virgie

  8. 8.Bottles and Bibles

Tyler Childers Live on Red Barn Radio I & II

Hickman Holler Records

June 29, 2018

Genre: Country

Vinyl LP pressing.

Tyler Childers is the finest songwriter to emerge from the Bluegrass State since Chris Knight and should be mentioned in the same breath as Fifth on the Floor, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapelton, and others who are currently leading the most notable renaissance of Kentucky music since Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs took Music City by storm 30 years ago. Previously released as two separate EPs, Live on Red Barn Radio I & II is now available on a single LP for the first time. Volume I was recorded live on May 29, 2013 and Volume II was recorded live on November 7, 2013, both at Kentucky's legendary Red Barn Radio show in Lexington, KY. Live on Red Barn Radio I & II features six original songs (including "Whitehouse Road" as heard on Tyler's latest full length, Purgatory) and two covers. (Review from FYE)

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1. Announcer

2. Old Home Place

3. Gone Home

4. Shuckin' the Corn

5. Darlin' Corey

6. Bring Your Clothes Back      Home

7. Rolin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms

8. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore

Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble LIve at Red Barn Radio
Genre: Bluegrass

The Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble is led by Al White, who married Alice McLain of the famous McLain Family Band.  Al has taught bluegrass and Appalachian music at Berea College for quite some time.  He has successful led several renditions of the Bluegrass Ensemble for stateside and worldwide tours.  Their Live at the Red Barn Radio album highlights historical recordings of “Old Home Place,” “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore,” and “Rawhide” just to name a few.  Their album is available for purchase through Berea College, which provides free tuition for students through work study programs.  Purchasing this cd helps students gain an education, as well as help you learn more on the sounds of Appalachia. (Kentucky Country Music) Click here to purchase.


Dakota Saylor Live at Red Barn Radio

May 31, 2019

Genre: Country

CD, Digital Album

Hot off the presses is Dakota Saylor’s Live at Red Barn Radio album. Coming from Harlan County, Dakota Saylor and his band, Bloody Harlan Band, perform 11 songs on the live album. Saylor is a singer/songwriter from Harlan County, Kentucky. Combining a classic country sound with local Appalachian folk, his sound is unique and stays true to country music's roots.


Adam Brock - Harmonica 

Greg Hollins - Drums 

Tyler Smith - Bass 

Dakota Saylor - Vocals, Guitar

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1. This Heart (Don't Look Good   on My Sleeve)

2. The Tide

3. Texas is in Her Eyes

4. (I'll Always Want) What I Can't Have

5. Arriba, Maria 

6. Stranger 

7. Four Closed Walls

8. Waiting

9. No Goodbyes on the Road

10. Atlanta 

11. The Place in the Middle

Girl Who Loves Horses
By Lyn Hacker
Released: 1 March 2010
Genre: Bluegrass

A gathering of friends accompanied singer-songwriter Lyn Hacker in the recording studio - weaving her original compositions into a warm blanket that wraps the listener in a genuine appreciation of country roots through songs written from the heart. Elements of reflection are penned into lyrical thoughts as each song captures the specific mood Hacker wants to share with her audience. Her down to earth writing and warm vocals form an honest quality that is lacking in much of today’s  mainstream music. There’s a wealth of wisdom written into each of Hacker’s gentle stories. You’ll come across several gems as you delve into this impressive twelve song disc - neatly tucked inside an inspired package. “Springtime in Kentucky” won the American Songwriter Magazine award.

“Girl Who Loves Horses - a pause that refreshes through genuine songs written from the heart.” (c) Mark’s Online Music Source

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1. Dayton to Hyden
2. Fall of the Year
3. Girl Who Loves Horses
4. Louisiana Moon
5. My Sister Prays
6. Coyote
7. Patchwork
8. Callin Me Home
9. Pure and Simple Friend
10. Springtime in Kentucky
11. October Sky
12. Katydid (Live)

1. Intro
2. Good News/Bad News
3. Broken Moon
4. No Hard Times
5. This Old Knife
6. Groundhog
7. A Little Yodel Goes a Long Way

8. Johnny Don’t Get Drunk
9. Intro (Roadkill)
10. Roadkill
11. Spirit (Bend Close to Me)
12. Bohemian Boys
13. Gasoline Alley
14. Tore Up From the Floor Up
15. Blue Boy
16. Last Chance to Dance

John Lilly Live on Red Barn Radio
By John Lilly
Released: Spring 2006
Genre: Roots Country
The Roots Music Authority, est. 1995

One hour of uncomplicated pleasure from John Lilly, a consummate musician who seems way too nice to be in show business. There’s no edge, no inflated ego, just a finely honed skill as musician, performer and writer. Listening to him on this disc, or seeing him on stage, is like seeing your favorite uncle good- humoredly take off his working jacket, pick up his guitar and play a few well loved songs to while away the evening. There’s generosity of spirit in his performance and a really deep love for the music he plays.

Taking Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams as his starting point, John delves into the roots of mountain/country music, plays old tunes and songs that are familiar without necessarily being standards and then mixes in his own songs which generally sound like old standards themselves. He operates in what might be called the Heritage Folk scene, where generally much is made of faithfulness to the tradition and there's a lot of po-faced seriousness about, but John Lilly never falls into that. His warmth, sincerity and, above all, his genial good humour make him an entirely likeable performer. A couple of his own songs featured here are typical of his gentle humour: A Little Yodel Goes A Long Way and Roadkill are both going to make you chuckle. 'Roadkill's' pay-off line is 'I'm the roadkill on the highway of your heart' - wry, rather than bitter, at the end of the affair.

The range of his enthusiasm takes him from Jimmie Rodgers and country blues through the mountain folk tradition right up to where Hank Williams morphs into rock and roll but when he takes Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley and makes it sound like a jig for a dirt floor barn dance, then you know this man's ears are wide open for a good tune, wherever it comes from. His guitar and mandolin playing manages to be precise and relaxed at the same time, an easy pleasure on the ear.

John Davy

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By The New Kentucky String Ticklers
Released: Spring 2006
Genre: Bluegrass

"A remarkably warm and accessible recording, Generations has enough going on inside it to repay repeated listenings!"

"Even those – count me among them – who ordinarily prefer more basic approaches will be hard-pressed to resist this amiably dazzling recording’s generous supply of charms."

Read the complete review! Bluegrass Works, Jerome Clark

"Don's fluid guitar work has direct ties with the music of his family with strong influences from blues, jazz, new acoustic directions and bluegrass."

"Danny Williams' mandolin playing is exciting, melodic and played with the crisp rhythm of a thoroughbred.”

"Danny Cecil's bass playing is a marvelous foundation for the group's rhythm sound. He easily moves up and down the fingerboard with flowing riffs that are contrasted by the guitar and mandolin. A great acoustic album for a rainy afternoon, a rocker and a porch."

Read the complete review! Bluegrass Music Profiles, May-June 2006 Issue

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1. Bledsoe Blues   
2. Pilot Knob
3. I am a Pilgrim
4. Two Thirds   
5. Untangle My Mind
6. Strippin’ Room Shine
7. Danny’s Jig

  1. 8.Townsend Cave

  2. 9.Down With the Do

  3. 10. Six Feet Underground

  4. 11. A Thousand Times

  5. 12. Generations

1. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile   
2. Just a Closer Walk
3. I Wonder as I Wander
4. The LIttle Drummer Boy   
5. Wayfaring Stranger
6. Shanty in Old Shanty Town
7. Dark as a Dungeon

  1. 8.Simple Gifts

  2. 9.My Dog Jesus


Dean Phelps Live from Red Barn Radio


Genre: Country, Traditional

CD, Digital Album

Part blues and part old school country, seasoned with a pinch of gospel, these live recordings from Red Barn Radio have a living room, welcome home quality.

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Tony Logue - Live at Red Barn Radio

Genre: Country

July, 2019

CD, Digital Album

Kentucky has historically proven itself fertile ground for prolific singer/songwriters. Western Kentucky’s Tony Logue is exactly that. Logue is slowly carving out his place among his respective Kentucky alumni. His characters often have grease beneath their nails and their backs against the wall. Hard nosed, hard living folks searching for that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Stories woven with the thread of hardship and hope. Click here to purchase.

  1. 1.State Line

  2. 2.The Storm

  3. 3.Jenny Ridge

  4. 4.Deadwood

  5. 5.Reckless Kind

  6. 6.Cutt Riley’s Daughter

  7. 7.Darkness on the Edge of Town

  8. 8.Nowhere USA

  1. 9.Down the Line

  2. 10. Hanging by a Thread

  3. 11. Earnhardt

  4. 12. When You Get Here

  5. 13. The Girl From Dead Horse Hollow

  6. 14. Dues

  7. 15. Road I Chose