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Larry Cordle performing in the ArtsPlace performance hall 3 August 2011

From Business Lexington, 19 August 2011

Red Barn Radio reeling in the years

Local radio program celebrates 10th anniversary

by Erik Rust

have appeared on projects that have sold a combined total of more than 55 million records, by artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Alison Krauss, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire, Diamond Rio, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins and many others.

    Larry turned in a dynamite set and proved affable in his interaction with a lively, adoring crowd. His lead and harmony singing on 2004 Best Country Album Grammy winner Livin' Lovin' Losin': A Tribute to the Louvin Brothers sits among numerous other songwriting and performance credits on a veritable who's who of country artists. Cordle's anniversary appearance was a testament to and pinpoint example of the homegrown talents that Red Barn valiantly champions and hosts.

   "Involvement with Red Barn comes with a healthy dose of respect," Clark said. "These community art partnerships feed off of a synergy where creative people feed off one another."

   Lending credence to the necessity of partnerships, local NPR stations WUKY 91.3 and WEKU 88.1 feature Red Barn's weekly broadcasts on their on-air schedules, allowing it to reach a broader audience and recruit new enthusiasts. These partnerships allow Red Barn a platform to generate further interests far and wide.

    Improving Lexington's standing as a sustainable cultural destination is one goal that many see as imperative. This echoes Mayor Jim Gray's focus on instituting a comprehensive plan for the city's arts community. Clark believes that the arts have a responsibility to "cross-pollinate," especially in tough economic times, in order to ensure viability and to make citizens "pay attention" continually to local arts happenings. He firmly believes that the important cultural contribution of Red Barn Radio is the delivery of "art and expression that is authentic."

    This inborn authenticity and clear sense of artistic direction and identity is one ingredient that has enabled the show to flourish over its nearly decade-long run. With its dedication to bringing the "best artists you've never heard of" from Old-Time and Americana genres, insistence on unique presentation and true love of our region's indigenous and sonically rich rural music traditions, Red Barn Radio is poised to bring us beautiful music for years to come.

     Lexington, KY - Anyone who knows anything about a proper jamboree knows that it must take place in a barn. True to form, Red Barn Radio has been hosting said jamborees for several years, steadily providing Old-Time and Bluegrass sounds of the commonwealth and neigh-boring states to increasingly enthusiastic audiences. On Aug. 3, the show celebrated its milestone 10th anniversary with very special guest performer Larry Cordle.

    Red Barn's accomplishments are noteworthy for both their promotional value to the ultra-talented, practicing artists, substantial contributions to the Lexington music and art scene, and for its preservation and advancement of Kentucky music that has "settled and flourished," in the words of executive producer Ed Commons.   

   "No one is going to leave the show saying, 'That  was a waste of time,'" Becker said. "As the show has progressed over the years, we have always been trying to define what experience will bring them back."

    Intimacy intensifies, especially when the audience is invited into the lives of the musicians. Stories

abound, from song inspirations to

childhood musical memories to

striking anecdotes of what

inspired particular artists to pick

up an instrument of choice in the

first place. Commons said this

interjects a "noticeable local/

private element" and provides

what Becker referred to as a

"defined and important part of our


   Red Barn's recent 10th anniver-

sary show featured Kentucky-bred                                                   

musician, Grammy Award-winning

musician Larry Cordle, whose hefty

portfolio boasts songs that

RBR executive producer Ed Commons

Larry Cordle performing in the ArtsPlace performance hall 3 August 2011, and the Downtown County Band, which opened the show.