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The Performance Hall at Arts Place

Red Barn Radio records each show before a studio

audience for later broadcast. Come help us cheer on the

musicians who keep alive the Music of Kentucky!

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161 North Mill Street, Lexington, Kentucky

Wednesdays at 7 PM - $10 at the Church Street door or click on the button at right to purchase tickets in advance.


Financial Supporters

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Chef Greg Scott



Brad Becker

JT Word on his way to play

Red Barn Radio soundstage

Showtime: 7 pm




Hailing from Black Dot, Kentucky,

JT Word is a musician, a writer, and

by day, a therapist.  Diagnosed at ten

with a degenerative retinal disease,

JT has spent the majority of his life

face down in loss.  As a teenage

drummer, JT found camaraderie and

catharsis in rhythm and the physical

nature of drumming.  It soothed his

reptile brain.  But since returning to

Kentucky in 2012 and settling in

Lexington, JT has been on a mission

of discovery.  Devoting himself to a

personal exploration above his

globetrotting, he found a profound

desire to be present as a visually

impaired person, an ambitious need

to show that spirit, drive, talent, and

love should be what people see long

before they notice his disability.

JT’s music is a strange amalgamation of dark Americana, old school country, rockabilly, and Springsteen rock n roll.

Guests: Lisa Schmidley, Pam Queen

Jeremy/JT Word (guitar and vocals)

Steel guitar and Bass guitar- Eric Davidson

Lead guitar- Brad Gordon

Drums- Drew Charron

Percussion, Bass guitar- Damien Mallen

Backing Vocals- Alicia Ferrerre

Baritone guitar and Lap Slide- Luke Payne

Brad Gordon operates a music store in Lawrenceburg called Court Street Music.  He also performs with his own band called Low Grade Mortals.  Eric Davidson records out of his house in Danville, Dominecker Recording, and has his own band called The Mighty Lonelys.  Alicia Fererre performs as a singer songwriter.  Damien Mallen plays bass in a psychedelic garage rock outfit called Fuzz Cuzz.  Drew Charron writes and records his own music, while also teaching percussion at the Lexington Drum Center.  And Luke Payne resides in North Carolina, where he teaches guitar, writes and records his own music, and performs with a number of acts.

Listen to and watch JT’s videos here.