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With Brad Becker


Red Barn Radio showcases the music and musicians, both from our Commonwealth and neighboring states where Kentucky music has settled and flourished. In weekly conversation and performance with our talented guests, Red Barn Radio enlivens and archives Kentucky's musical heritage, and brings to the airwaves a uniquely refreshing and folksy hour of Americana programming.

Red Barn Radio is a syndicated weekly radio show produced from live recordings in Lexington and the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. Our live tapings are open to the public and offer the live audience a unique opportunity to experience grassroots artists from Kentucky and around the globe. Then, our radio show brings this experience to our listening audience around the world.

We offer our one-hour program in the following formats:

- 59 minute public radio version with one :60 second break at the bottom of the hour.

- 59 minute version is available as a complete stream (parts one and two) or two separate streams.

- A :30 promo is also offered each week.

Executive Producer/Director Ed Commons

Film and Audio, and a bit of Museum research and A/v!

Film: My first film project was a “Roman Epic” filmed in glorious

8mm, which I started in the 8th grade. Next to be produced, a high

school project for our exchange school in Germany, a “typical” day

in the life of our school, shot on 16mm with a wild audio track to

run with the presentation. I had not yet mastered “sync” sound re-

cording. This was filmed with the school’s Revere camera which I

used to film football games for the team. That was actually my first

professional film experience, on top of the press box, rain or

snow, filming the games each week. Glorious black and white!

Theater: After training at the Pittsburg Playhouse School of Theater, I learned quickly that as an actor, choices for me were limited. My professional career began with my own record label and location audio service in Pittsburg PA, Encore Electrical Recording Company. We specialized mostly in location recording, dragging the Ampex 350-2 from site to site. I missed the visual aspect of my training and soon my interest in film developed into a love of film, as it encompassed all of my interests from my theater experience; lighting,  sound, photography, direction, and music. 

Commercial Production: After moving to Lexington KY in the early 70‘s, I studied and honed my craft as a filmmaker, surrounded myself with as much production and artistic talent as I could find and established a full service film and video production company, House of Commons Films. It was through House of Commons that I shot and directed hundreds of television commercials and corporate (industrials as they were called) for what now reads as a “who’s who” of the Fortune 500.

I am particularly proud of the early work I did for Wichman Advertising and the Keeneland Thoroughbred Racetrack. For many years, we produced award winning spots that got my work noticed by clients such as KFC, Westinghouse, Dow Corning, Coca Cola, Domino’s Pizza (the first “30 Minute Man”), Firestone, Billy Beer, many banks and hospitals and restaurants all across the country who took advantage of the high production values I have always tried to bring to my work.

There were of course corporate presentations for clients such as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Mack Truck, Sperry Univac, the Gray Company and the beginning of a continuing relationship with Link Belt and now LBX. There were a group of projects for Fisher Scientific in Pittsburgh, outrageous fun, and many more.

In more recent years, projects included research and A/V production for the University Of Kentucky Basketball Museum, and the Music Museum and Hall of Fame in Renfro Valley KY. It is out of this latter Museum Experience that the seed of Red Barn Radio was born.

Currently: I am working on a project in Wyoming, a history of the Bighorn Basin, as seen through the eyes of an icon of that region, Bob Edgar, a writer and historian of the old west. Out of this experience, a spinoff, the creation a DVD program “Tales of Old Trail Town” with Clay Gibbons, Cowboy Historian, Worland and Cody Wyoming.

Some of my most recent work, IN DREAMS AWAKE, is a documentary about the life of a Kentucky artist who was also one of my film crew members, Bill Petrie. In the film, you will see stills and footage from some of the shoots mentioned in this bio. It was a work of love!

Red Barn Radio: Continuing on the location audio aspect of my early career, I now produce and direct a weekly syndicated radio program of Bluegrass Music, all recorded “live”, called Red Barn Radio. It is a challenge “to hit the marks” and a lot of fun. The musicians that we feature each week are an inspiration with their knowledge and musical craftsmanship. Red Barn Radio is now in its eleventh broadcast season, performing, promoting and preserving the Music of Kentucky.

Associate Producer and Host Brad Becker

Though a native of Richmond Virginia, Brad has lived and worked throughout the

Midwest and Northeast  as a teacher, journalist and musician. He is well-versed in a

range of musical idioms, his favorite being Roots and Traditional American music.

Before Brad joined the Red Barn team, he covered acoustic music for several news-

papers in Northampton, MA,  Grand Rapids, MI, and Brookings, SD. When he

moved to Lexington in 1994, he wrote for ACE Magazine and performed with a

variety of acoustic players in the city.

Brad hosted Red Barn Radio for its first 8 seasons, and following a hiatus to tend

work and family, he is glad to return to be part of the team once again.

“Red Barn Radio is a program not just for fans of the Roots music we promote;  there

are lots of Americana music programs-- really good ones-- already on the air…. Our specialty is intimacy. Listening to Red Barn is like having musicians in your living room. The conversation is low-key and personal, and laughter abundant. Red Barn Radio programs are for those who like their radio listening to be an experience—who want to hear the beauty of instrumentwood and steel strings and pure voices ringing in a room, who want to hear artists talk about their lives, not just abouttheir latest iTunes release.”

Brad always welcomes email from listeners, and can be reached here.

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